Due to Heather Lynn’s children’s life and death medical experiences – she walks through life with an altered perspective.  This lens has led Heather to create large-scale abstract paintings that are composed of bright tones, or contrasting colors, complimented by a dense texture. Her background in photography and ceramics help inform her practice.  Her inspiration often comes from a restless night’s sleep: the colors, shapes and movement float as she emerges into consciousness. Such elements contribute to her style – loose but connected – and are recognizable throughout her body of work.  Heather’s artistic intent is to create a feeling of a memory as opposed to a memory of a specific place. She hopes such sentiment shifts the way that people see themselves and the world – beautifully flawed and impossibly kind. As an emerging artist, Heather has experienced great success including seven exhibitions in three different states. Her work is also featured in corporate, retail, and private collections in the United States and the United Kingdom.