Heather has been wonderful to work with for a show that I curated! She was so organized with all of her materials, had great photos of each work, and was very timely with responses to my questions. Her works are even more beautiful in person than a photo can capture! A true professional through and through and a very talented artist.
Michaeline Sander
What can I say but Heather is amazing. I commissioned her to do two paintings for me both took a huge amount of creativity and understanding. She exceeded all my expectations!!!
Carl Calfin
We love our Heather Lynn original "Exhale" . It is not only a eye catching centerpiece in our family room, it sets the tone of tranquility, peace and calm. We could not be more thankful to have such a beautiful piece of original art in our home.
Julia and Billy Kirvan
After seeing Heather’s work online, I reached out to ask if she’d do a custom feature piece for our home. I sent her photos of the space and described how i wanted the room to feel. The resulting work was more special than I could have imagined. She titled it “Still but Deep” and wrote a lovely note about what the painting represented which I cherish. The painting’s serene blend of pale greys, blues and taupes completely changed the vibe of our home. It is literally a centerpiece that delivers a relaxed feeling. Our guests often comment on it and their interpretations range from water or fog or mountains. I love that everyone sees something different. I also love that it floats in its custom frame. Heather is an inspired artist with tremendous range and an uncanny ability to know what her clients need.
Dawn Gibson
I have several pieces of Heather's spectacular works. Every time I look at them they make me feel happy. And, knowing how deeply felt the pieces are when they are created makes them all the more meaningful and beautiful. I feel lucky to have found this fast- emerging artist! Added bonus, she is a joy to work with.
Donna Ely
Heather Lynn is an abstract artist with the drive of a Fortune 500 CEO. In a very short time, she went from pulling her website and Artist Statement together to showing her work internationally. Not only does her artwork speak to her collectors, but her generous spirit is sprinkled into each and every interaction. Heather is professional, smart, and rooted in kindness. Working with her is sheer joy!
Danielle Glosser
I manage the Pack and Send store in Leeds, I could not have been more pleased with my experience over the last year with Heather Lynn Arts! We have collaborated and overseen many of there sales in this time, being trusted as one of their recommended courier services. As always, the customer service from Heather has been second to none – I encourage anyone looking to buy or sell Artwork use this very professional outfit. Thanks again, Rob!!!.
Robert Rayner
Heather's work exudes color and mystery. Tactile and engaging to the eye. Enjoy!
Patricia A Dubroof
I bought several of Heather's paintings - there is a directness and emotion in each that really resonates with me. I am very glad to have them hanging in my house. I also found dealing with Heather to be a real pleasure. She could not have been more helpful.
Rich Mazer